When I connect to the server, the client gets an “End of Stream” error and the server log says something about “ConsoleRPCProtocol”.

You are connecting to the wrong port.

Bravo always runs an RPC console by default. This console isn’t directly accessible from clients. In order to connect a client, you must configure a world and connect to that world. See the example bravo.ini configuration file for an example of how to configure a world.

My world is snowy. I didn’t want this.

In bravo.ini, change your seasons list to exclude winter. A possible incantation might be the following:

seasons = *, -winter


I get lots of RuntimeErrors from Exocet.

Upgrade to a newer Bravo which doesn’t use Exocet.

I have an error involving construct!

Install Construct. It is a required package.

I have an error involving JSON!

If you update to a newer Bravo, you won’t need JSON support.

I have an error involving IRC/AMP/ListOf!

Your Twisted is too old. You really do need Twisted 11.0 or newer.

I have an error ``TypeError: an integer is required`` when starting Bravo!

Your Twisted is too old. You really do need Twisted 11.0 or newer.

I am running as root on a Unix system and twistd cannot find ``bravo.service``. What’s going on?

For security reasons, twistd doesn’t look in non-system directories as root. If you insist on running as root, try an incantation like the following, setting PYTHONPATH:

# PYTHONPATH=. twistd -n bravo

But seriously, stop running as root.


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