stdio – Console support

The stdio module provides a non-blocking, interactive console for administration, diagnostics, and debugging of running servers.

class bravo.stdio.AMPGateway(host, port=25600)[source]

Bases: object

Wrapper around the logical implementation of a console.

call(command, params)[source]

Run a command.

This is the client-side implementation; it wraps a few things to protect the console from raw logic and the server from builtin commands.


Connect this gateway to a remote Bravo server.

Returns a Deferred that will fire when connected, or fail if the connection cannot be established.

class bravo.stdio.BravoConsole(ag)[source]

Bases: twisted.protocols.basic.LineReceiver

A console for things not quite as awesome as TTYs.

This console is extremely well-suited to Win32.

class bravo.stdio.BravoManhole(factory, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: twisted.conch.manhole.Manhole

A console for TTYs.