furnace – Furnace Manager and Furnace Processes

Furnace Manager

FurnaceManager is object that operates on factory level. It’s created in BravoFactory‘s constructor and available as factory.furnace_manager.

The FurnaceManager has only one usable method: update(coords) where coords is tuple (bigx, smallx, bigz, smallz, y) - coordinates of the furnace which inventory was updated.

from bravo.parameters import factory

window = player.windows[-1]
if type(window) != FurnaceWindow:

When the update() method is called the FurnaceManager creates FurnaceProcess for the furnace with given coordinates if not created yet and calls FurnaceProcess‘s update() method. Every 5 minutes it checks for furnaces that do not burn and remove the corresponding processes to preserve some memory.

Furnace Process

FurnaceProcess.update() method checks if current furnace shall start to burn: it must have source item, fuel and must have valid recipe. If it meets the requirements Furnace Process schedules burn() method with LoopingCall for every .5 second.

At every burn() call it:

  1. increases cooktime timer and checks if item shall be crafted on this iteration;
  2. decreases fuel counter and burns next fuel item if needed;
  3. if there is no need to burn next fuel item because crafted slot is full or source slot is empty it stops the LoopingCall;
  4. sends progress bars updates to all players that have this furnace window opened.

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