furnace – Furnace Tile

The Furnace tile has method changed(factory, coords) where coords is tuple (bigx, smallx, bigz, smallz, y) - coordinates of the furnace which inventory was updated.

from bravo.parameters import factory
# inform content of furnace was probably changed
d = factory.world.request_chunk(bigx, bigz)
def on_change(chunk):
    furnace = self.get_furnace_tile(chunk, (x, y, z))
    if furnace is not None:
        furnace.changed(factory, coords)

Furnace.changed() method checks if current furnace shall start to burn: it must have source item, fuel and must have valid recipe. If it meets the requirements Furnace schedules burn() method with LoopingCall for every .5 second.

At every burn() call it:

  1. increases cooktime timer and checks if item shall be crafted on this iteration;
  2. decreases fuel counter and burns next fuel item if needed;
  3. if there is no need to burn next fuel item because crafted slot is full or source slot is empty it stops the LoopingCall;
  4. sends progress bars updates to all players that have this furnace’s window opened.

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