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from math import cos, sin

[docs]def rotated_cosine(x, y, theta, lambd): r""" Evaluate a rotated 3D sinusoidal wave at a given point, angle, and wavelength. The function used is: .. math:: f(x, y) = -\cos((x \cos\theta - y \sin\theta) / \lambda) / 2 + 1 This function has a handful of useful properties; it has a local minimum at f(0, 0) and oscillates infinitely betwen 0 and 1. :param float x: X coordinate :param float y: Y coordinate :param float theta: angle of rotation :param float lambda: wavelength :returns: float of f(x, y) """ return -cos((x * cos(theta) - y * sin(theta)) / lambd) / 2 + 1
[docs]def morton2(x, y): """ Create a Morton number by interleaving the bits of two numbers. This can be used to map 2D coordinates into the integers. Inputs will be masked off to 16 bits, unsigned. """ gx = x & 0xffff gy = y & 0xffff b = 0x00ff00ff, 0x0f0f0f0f, 0x33333333, 0x55555555 s = 8, 4, 2, 1 for i, j in zip(b, s): gx = (gx | (gx << j)) & i gy = (gy | (gy << j)) & i return gx | (gy << 1)
[docs]def clamp(x, low, high): """ Clamp or saturate a number to be no lower than a minimum and no higher than a maximum. Implemented as its own function simply because it's so easy to mess up when open-coded. """ return min(max(x, low), high)

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