utilities – Helper functions

The utilities package is the standard home for shared functions which many modules may use. The spirit of utilities is also to isolate sections of critical code so that unit tests can be used to ensure a minimum of bugginess.

Coordinate Handling

bravo.utilities.coords.split_coords(x, z)[source]

Split a pair of coordinates into chunk and subchunk coordinates.

  • x (int) – the X coordinate
  • z (int) – the Z coordinate

a tuple of the X chunk, X subchunk, Z chunk, and Z subchunk

Data Packing

More affectionately known as “bit-twiddling.”


bravo.utilities.maths.rotated_cosine(x, y, theta, lambd)[source]

Evaluate a rotated 3D sinusoidal wave at a given point, angle, and wavelength.

The function used is:

f(x, y) = -\cos((x \cos\theta - y \sin\theta) / \lambda) / 2 + 1

This function has a handful of useful properties; it has a local minimum at f(0, 0) and oscillates infinitely betwen 0 and 1.

  • x (float) – X coordinate
  • y (float) – Y coordinate
  • theta (float) – angle of rotation
  • lambda (float) – wavelength

float of f(x, y)

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